9 Project Ideas for Graphic Design Portfolio

Whether you are a full-time professional graphic designer or a part-timer offering graphic design services, creating a sleek graphic design portfolio is important to showcase your unique style and highlight your skills in today’s design industry. 카지노사이트

Your portfolio should give your target audience a glimpse of your capability to conceptualize, develop and execute a design. But how can you exactly make your portfolio more interesting to your potential clients?

We’ve created a list of personal project ideas and some graphic design examples that you can take inspiration from.

Business Branding Essentials
As a graphic designer, your job is to help a company create its brand identity, starting with its color palette and logo design.

Keep in mind that all your design projects play a critical role in increasing your client’s brand visibility. You may want to take a page from some established brands and research what works and what doesn’t in marketing campaigns. You may also get inspiration from your potential client. 안전한카지노사이트

To increase any client’s brand visibility, uniform branding elements should be used in their marketing collateral, such as flyers, business cards and brochures. Your clients’ web design should also be consistent with their branding.

Here are business branding essentials ideas you can try designing for your portfolio:

  1. Trifold Brochures for Business
    A trifold brochure is most commonly used to promote a product or a company. This printed material consists of three equal sections, with the sides folded over the middle. It usually contains high-resolution images and chunks of text to promote businesses such as restaurants, travel agencies, hospitals, real estate, and even churches. The challenge is to achieve a balance between graphic design and typography. Creating these kinds of project designs like trifold brochures is a great addition to your portfolio because you’ll be putting all of your design ideas and skills into one project.

If you need to start designing your trifold brochure project for your graphic design portfolio, and you need amazing templates for it, Creative Market has tons to offer. Here are some examples:

  1. Product Packaging Design
    Packaging, which is the outerwear of a product, should also be consistent with the brand. A great product packaging design can go a long way. In fact, having this project in your portfolio could lead to more prospects. As a graphic designer, you can showcase your skills by integrating a client’s branding into the packaging design.

Packaging concepts vary, depending on the product. You should be able to come up with different packaging designs for food and beverage products and develop another set of packaging concepts for medicines, skin care products, toiletries and other pharmaceutical products. Your creative skill is a major requirement for these kinds of projects. Or you can just refer to templates from Creative Market and take inspiration from these designs. 카지노사이트 추천

  1. Brand and Logo Design
    It’s a no-brainer that a business should focus on how to communicate its brand to a target audience. Even while a brand is still being conceptualized, one of the first elements to consider is its logo. Designing a logo is not as simple as you might think. In fact, it’s critical because the logo design should encapsulate your brand’s vision and speak to your potential clients.

You may want to hire a professional graphic designer to create your logo. But what if you don’t need one? With your creative mind and the logo templates offered by Creative Market, you don’t really need graphic design skills and prior design experience. Worry no more because Creative Market is set to make your life easier with its wide array of logo mockups as well as fonts and graphics to choose from.

Design To Redesign
Constantly upgrading your skills and being updated with current trends are vital in this rapidly evolving digital age. Local businesses have learned to embrace change, especially if it calls for an improvement in their products or services.

Such change could lead to a rebranding effort and a new marketing campaign to strengthen the brand of a client. A project to redesign a logo or reinvent a web design could also go into a design portfolio.

Graphic designers are also asked to come up with redesign concepts for album covers, movie posters and even book covers. These design projects make a lovely addition to your graphic design portfolio as well.

  1. Remake old posters using typographic design.
    In redesigning posters, typeface is a huge factor, which means you have to consider which font would best enhance readability and improve aesthetics. At Creative Market, there are thousands of fonts that are available to use. Below are some font samples that can be used for poster redesigning.

Movie Posters

Various Printed Materials
Design projects for postcards, invitations and other printed materials may also be included in design portfolios to demonstrate your capability to come up with such concepts. Informational printed materials should focus not only on the design but also on the content itself to make sure they capture your target audience’s curiosity.

There are key factors to be considered in making printed materials: quality, branding, accuracy and design. Creative Market offers a variety of templates and graphics that you can use to create your own. If you need more ideas, here are some projects that you can do for your portfolio.

  1. Invitation Postcards
    This is a perfect project for your design portfolio. Just think about it: there are hundreds of people who celebrate their birthdays, weddings and other important events every single day. These events usually require an invitation, which could be printed or digital. But what kind of gimmick would make your design stand out? Creative Market has got you covered. You can access popular themes, and even a premium theme, for this design project.

Birthday Invitation

  1. Printed Food Menu
    Creating a concept for a food menu will also test your ability to come up with an idea that will incorporate your creative style into your design, that’s why this portfolio project would be great for enhancing your credentials.

To create a food menu, everything needs to be precise — from the images, photography and typography — to make sure these are consistent with the branding. All of the details must be perfect so you can help your clients beckon diners to their restaurants, bistros, bars or fast-food chains. The logo’s text should be readable by everyone, the color palette should match the brand’s theme, and the illustrations should be accurate.

For the design, create mock-ups using a style guide or use these themes from Creative Market. We have listed below some template samples for your food menu project.

  1. Infographic Posters for COVID-19
    It’s better to be safe than sorry. This is probably everyone’s current motto during the pandemic. Graphic designers can grab this opportunity to show their relevance by undertaking an infographic poster project related to our current situation. By doing this, you can show a potential client your designer skills while sharing important information on COVID-19.

Two infographic poster templates below use illustrations and typography to get their message across. You can just pick a template and edit it to show your unique side and make a new infographic.

To make your graphic design portfolio more interesting to your potential clients, it’s important to create something that will showcase your strengths and how you solve problems as a designer. It doesn’t matter if you start from the simplest designs or if you spend time on a single project as long as you’re able to show your ability when it comes to creating the best designs for your project portfolio.

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